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Hello all, I'm new to this fourm and i need some help. I really have been packing on the pounds and i wanna start to lose it. BUT , there's a huge problem i love to run but i cant. i can run for like 3 days and on the fourth day i cant anymore running due to severe chin splints to the point where i cant even walk. I Really hate treadmills, they are so boring to me and i lose motivation to run on them.I really cant afford to buy any machines to workout with. Any of you know any other ways i might be able to do cardio? And second do u know anyway i can stay motivated to keep working out?
Thanks in advanced for all the help.


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7/19/2010 2:00:41 PM
I know exactly what you mean. I HATE running for a lot of reasons. It's boring, it hurts my knees, and I can't do it long enough for it to do any good.
Good luck!

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7/17/2010 5:38:39 AM

It is a really great thing that you love
to run, because that is key. But you
don't have to run to your chins hurt,
this is how you can lose motivation

If you are comfortable with running 2
days a week, then do it. Also, skipping
is an excellent way to get in some
cardio. You might also want to try
riding a bicycle or roller blading or
even picking up a sport at your local
community centre.

As for resistance training, you don't
need to buy machines. your body weight
is sufficient to get you that lean

Good luck and enjoy1

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7/10/2010 10:55:12 AM
hello friend ,
firstly who is worry about their health and not able to understand that what they do for lose their i'll gave you a suggestion that this not a big problem for you.
first i'll share you my experience that i lose 10 kg wait with in 3 years.
now you think that how?
so i lose it by yoga.

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7/7/2010 5:33:20 PM
i think you need to change your workout
from time to time. Running isn't the only
cardio around the planet. i mean you can
do jumping jacks and burpees. those are
also intense cardios. you have to vary
your exercise from time to time. check out
the internet for a bunch of plyometric
exercises. i'm sure you will not get bored
with that. it's better than the treadmill.

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6/24/2010 1:10:37 AM
I think u should follow the diet in support of your doctor.I would never discourage exercise and those are great methods, but you will only get so far without proper is an excellent way to exercise.

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6/7/2010 6:59:41 PM
Hey,I think u should follow the diet in support of your doctor and practice exercises everyday:)Good luck

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5/22/2010 1:49:15 AM

Cardio is great to loss weight yes, but if you only ever do cardio, you're unlikely to build very much muscle. Using your muscles, the large muscles and building them up with some resistance exercises, WILL BOOST your fat loss (not just weight loss). There are so many ways of doing this. To loose MAX FAT, concentrate on full body workouts and compound exercises, and supplement this with a little running.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you stand to burn, not only during exercise, but even at rest. It's a win win.

Also 80% of this weight loss effort is getting your nutrition right. One thing I would advise is to remember when your body releases insulin, you are in fat STORAGE mode, when you're not releasing insulin you are in FAT BURNING mode. Watch the foods you eat with relation to carbs, sugars and fruit (even acai berries are high in sugar). To control insulin is a big step in the right direction.

Have you thought of using Kettlebells, this type of training gives you your cardio and resistance all at the same time - EXCELLENT !

Mix it up - exercise wise, don't allow your body to get used to anything.

Hope this helps



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4/7/2010 1:43:21 PM
You also don't need a gym. Or equipment.
Combine your resistance training with cardio using
the workout I posted below.

Here's an acronym to help you remember a circuit:

Some Lucky People Deserve Brock and Marta

(I'm Brock, my fiance is Marta).
The first letter of each word stands for an exercise:

Move (skip, run on the spot, etc.)

Do each exercise for 1 minute then move right to
the next one. If you can get through the circuit 3
times I guarantee you'll be sweating!

As for motivation, set goals, big and small. You
should write them down, and set daily workout

Tell yourself "I can do this. I will do this".

Brock Picken

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3/25/2010 2:13:40 AM
It is really necessary to do needful, will always help in every aspects of life with full determination and high confidence level.Healthy eating and many other diet sources really gives emphasis to loose weight and holding postures rather than dynamism.Thanks for the recommendation.

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3/12/2010 12:52:22 AM

Well, there is no need to fret for all is not lost. If you sign up for any of the many popular weight loss programs that are advertised, there is guarantee that you will end up losing quite a substantial amount of weight. And most of these weight loss programs do work.

However, when researchers conducted a test on these various weight loss programs that are advertised in the internet and which always try to uphold their own virtues by downplaying or maligning the other weight loss plans and programs, they found that most of these weight loss programs are the same as far as their efficacy is concerned and they all produce the same results. There are some people who can lose weight by this but there will also be others who cannot lose weight from various programs.

The overall rate of success of these weight loss programs which are always competing with each other is more or less the same. And the most humorous part is that these programs all fail at the same hurdle in spite of making really tall claims.


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2/3/2010 12:13:55 AM
Plan a routine to get you started. This will help you in guiding yourself of what or which exercise best suits you.

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1/14/2010 1:17:31 PM
Hey, I know how you feel, i was once in your position.
I found myself putting on the pounds like crazy each
and every day. I started walking and eating a bit better
but I still was not losing the weight. Your not alone no
one really likes to run the treadmill or do stressing

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1/7/2010 10:28:32 PM
Hello, and welcome in this thread. I know many are
try much more than its capacity but they get no
results. So, i try one of the best fruit acai berry for
my weight loss. And its very effective food. Acai
berry and its prdocuts are good for you.

-Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die

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11/29/2009 10:30:14 AM

Stick with what you love doing - you dont have to
stop running. I have gone through the exact same
thing - and here's how I fixed the splints.

Use a hand weight, and put it on your toes of one
foot. Support yourself so you can stand on one
foot. Lift your toes up, 10-15 times - then switch
feet - and do it again. Do this for 3 reps. Now try to
keep this up for a month - once a day - and you
will see the splints starting to dissipate.

Hope that helps!


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11/23/2009 10:20:04 AM
Swimming is an excellent way to exercise. Also bike riding and rowing are great workouts to do.

Stay Motivated!

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11/18/2009 7:46:53 PM
Hi, I am new to the whole forum thing myself i am more of a face to face kind of guy. Now one thing i need you to understand is that running and even rowing in not what will lose those pounds. Keep you healthy yes, maintain cardiovascular wellness and even burn some calories in the process, definitely. I would never discourage exercise and those are great methods, but you will only get so far without proper nutrition.

Personal Trainer
10/23/2009 4:24:02 PM
hey there,

Welcome to the forum!

Your best bet would be to try out the rowing machine, swimming or bike since you aren't pounding away at your tibialis anterior like you are with running.


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