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Hi everybody, I am a supplier of food supplements and have been thinking of making it in the masculine line with some of the liquid supplements and powders. There are many competitors in this line and manufacturing them involves a good investment that I cannot make at the moment. So, I have decided to make it with private labeling (as the earlier range is also not manufactured by me).I need some suggestions on choosing a better manufacturer that my previous for my product range.


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8/21/2008 3:01:32 AM
That’s good … I think. Since you already have a range of beauty products …. You can go for a masculine range too…that way you can better explore the market. A manufacturer has to be able to make quality with the price. And especially in the market of nutritional supplements you would be facing a large amount of competition and that has to all be managed at the product level. As you are thinking of private label marketing, do have a look at the different options and go for the right one.

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8/20/2008 11:32:57 PM
Private label marketing …..that’s good…when you don’t have the capital to go into your own production….you can always hire someone to manufacture your product range. The manufacturer should be always able to meet your demands on time as that will ensure your availability in the market and be able to provide the products at minimum costs so that you can have a competition at the market level.

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