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Sometimes when i lift i get this sharp pain,mostly in my right
I get them especially when i do dumbell curls. Its mostly right in the crease of my arm,
sometimes it in my forearm. It feels like a tendon is being pulled.
I try to be careful and use light weights but it doesn't go away, even after a few good days of rest. Does anyone else experiences this?


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2/4/2008 11:08:15 AM
hey guys the problom is not the biceps training its the tricebs when you work out with extra wight ( and you feel you can do it because the triceb is stronger than the piceb) you will enger your elbow and that effect your arm so take a rest for some time r you will continue having the same pain.
PS. i had the same problom

8/14/2003 7:14:59 AM
The same problem goes on with me and it pains exactly in middle of my right forearm. Initially, I thought that I might have got some injury in my right arm that I dont remember, but now, same goes with you, so this is a common problem with both of us. I only feel pain while doing bicep curls and that too while I am doing it in standing posture. The solution that I brought out to complete my bicep workout is that, I rested my elbow against my knee( one arm at a time for the respective knee, while sitting ) and then not locking my elbow while opening up. I dont know whether it gives me exactly the right workout for biceps or not, but, it has stopped paining in my arm and I can even do it with more weight. I even asked my trainer about it, he recommended me to continue doing it the way I was doing.
Thats all.
Rest you reply me if you got it right.
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8/13/2003 11:50:28 AM
Maybe you are locking your elbow joint. When you do any exercise, never lock your joints. That means, dont extend your arm too much. Also, are you warming up and then streching? Are you doing the easy part( in curls, going down) slowly and not violently? Do it slowly and controlled. Have a good stretch. If this still doesn't work, take a break for a week and then try again. If it still hurts, maybe you should consult a doctor.

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