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Even though I am working hard to put on muscle, I know that I am not eating sufficient amounts of food. I can exercise for anywhere up to 2 hours a day, normally half of this devoted solely to weight-lifting. However, as I'm 17, my parents have forbidden me to use any sort of protein supplements. For this reason, I'm only using the amount of food which I'm taking in to 'bulk up' even though it's simply not enough ( I rarely will intake over 1500 calories per day). I try eating foods which are low in fat and high in protein as well as intaking lots of fruit/ veg, as I only want to put on muscle, not fat (my body fat % is somewhere in the region of 10%-14% and I'm around 63kg,) are there any foods in particular that would work efficiently with this, especially since I'm not able to use protein supplements or any other form of weight-gain product? I'm mainly aiming to add muscle to my upper thorax region and arms, even though they're fairly well toned already, but with some of the exercises (namely upper back) I can only use very small weights as I havn't worked those muscles as much as others in my body. Please also give me some advice as to what to do about this!! Thankyou!!!
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