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I just recently got back into working out like almost daily,Its kind of hard thou since im currently deployed but I am like not trying to get so big i can't wipe myself but like before i left i did martial arts off and on and back in school i was a martial arts kinda guy Im trying to get back into that kind of shape like really good endurance and strength and good cardio but Im having a hard time picking how i want my work outs. Mainly right now Im doing Upper Body Calisthenics one day and lower body workouts w/low weights right now but trying to like improve my image and get back the pride i lost..... dpes anyone have any suggestions, on a good work out. Just trying to get like more bigger and cut Im 147 now trying to get to 155 160 by end of deployment. If anyone can help it be great. Thanks


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Personal Trainer
12/8/2008 10:37:30 AM
To gain 10 -15 pounds you need to alter your diet and focus on the big three:


Have a look at this page:


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