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Hi there, new to the site...
I have a great plan and ideas for my own personal workout. I'm set up for success. The only thing now is to get off my butt and do it!!

I was wondering what some of you do/did to get the ball rolling. Those days where your brain reassures you that you don't have time to exercise, or how you need to sleep in before work rather than go for a jaunt, or other manipulations of resistance.

I'm talking specifically of a lifetime of excuses of why not to get off my butt. I have been listening to them for way too long.

I truly want to be a consistent exerciser. How do I get me off my butt?


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10/25/2008 8:01:02 AM
I so wanna get there... where I don't even think about it!!

This has been a good week for both consistency and running.

Thanks for your post Marina!

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10/24/2008 10:22:21 AM
Just commmit to anywhere between a half an hour - 2 hours a night and it eventually becomes so soutine you dont even have to think about it

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9/19/2008 9:13:36 AM
thanks everyone!!
I have been consistent this week and want to keep the ball rolling.
I am sore today but do a different routine/exercise video each day.
I will just keep arguing with myself and just start doing it without a lot of thought.
I hope to make it something that I just do regularly without much effort.

I feel good!

9/3/2008 7:38:52 AM
I try to work out in the mornings too. What works for me is to look just a few hours into the future. If I sleep in an extra hour, will I be any less tired? My experience says no, I might even be more tired. After work when I'm pooped will I really want to work out? Probably not. So if I get up now, I'll probably have more energy for the day and more time for myself in the evening. Now it's an easier choice.

Don't get me wrong, the pillow seems to have a very convincing argument of its own. I just try to reason my way around it.

Hope this helps.

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8/28/2008 9:41:26 PM
Well I started... I did a resistance ball workout that dang near killed me but it felt good and I feel proud.

Now to make it a consistent thing.

Time will tell.

Personal Trainer
8/28/2008 9:42:43 AM
Let us know what happens! :) good luck

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8/27/2008 10:19:40 AM
I'm not sure if for some reason I'm trying to sabotage myself or if I'm just plain lazy... either way, I know I just need to do it and I think once I get started it may be easier.

I do have a plan of sorts... unfortunately I don't get to hire a personal trainer (hope to join my local gym soon but with my recent lay-off there's not even the funds for that), but I feel I should be able to get active and fit with the tools I have (exercise dvd's, resistance ball, going for a run).

Today I will get started and hopefully report back to say I really did.

I will read the benefits article often to remind my brain that this is what my body needs and craves.

Thanks for the helpful and prompt reply, PT!!


Personal Trainer
8/26/2008 8:29:34 PM
Motivation is what you need? Well, there are so many benefits to exercise.

Not only all the health benefits mentioned in the article but also think about libido!

What's stopping you from making the next step of going to the gym? You need to figure it out so you can create a plan of action.


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