Nutrition | Is keto dieting worth it?

During the summer of last year I had a major knee injury, which resulted in me not being able to workout, then therapy and all that bs. So I was looking for alternatives to try and stay healthy without being able to stay active. So I started to research diet plans, and what are some that are considered to be the most effective. I came across the usual ones like Vegan, vegetarian, etc. But then I found out
about Keto dieting from a friend and furthermore research. I then started looking more into it and found out about a company called CustomKetoDiet. They made it easy for me by asking me simple question's like my physical attributes, what foods id prefer in a diet, etc. As a result it kept me in shape throughout this pandemic so far and I highly suggest it!

If your interested in learning a little more about Keto Dieting, let me know. Or you can also check it out for yourself, here's the link!


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9/23/2021 7:46:36 AM
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4/5/2021 8:26:49 PM
It's absolutely worth it.

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