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I am planning to take part in the Ironman challenge that will take place on March 17th in Porto Rico, and I am absolutely thrilled about it. This is my first Ironman challenge and I do not know what to expect. My major focus has been to improve my stamina, flexibility, point to point sudden sprint, outburst, and thereby to improve my overall strength and confidence. I was told by my buddy that a gym in Mississauga provides obstacle course training program, that include, intense training workouts. On further inquiry into the details of the program, I was told an assessment will be conducted to determine my performance and thus identify the weak links that need extensive concentration. I think as a first timer in the Iron man race, I will not be overwhelmed by the challenges that are thrown at me if I am physically and mentally prepared. I thought that before joining this program, I should get your opinion on how you guys trained for similar events. Thanks.
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