Weight & Fat Loss | Im 19 years old and weigh about me gain weight!

ok im 19 years old and i only weigh about 87-90 it always varies and i dont know why.i eat anything i want whenever i want however much i want and i still cant gain a pound! i know it sounds good but really im 19 and i think i should weigh about 110 at least ..i really want to gain weight on my legs and thighs because my legs look like twigs. oh and i dont have any workout things so anything manually would be good. please help me!


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7/21/2010 4:21:37 PM
Go to the doctor and have your thyroid checked. We discovered that my younger sister had hyperthyroidism when she was about 12. She ate and ate and she seemed to get skinnier. Since this occured around puberty for her she also shot right up in height. Restlessness, bulgy eyes and smooth elbows are some other symptoms.
Hope this helps

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