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Alright i am 19 years old and i have alway's been a heavy kid since i was a little kid about 6 years old or so..I want to lose the rest of the fat i have on my body and tighten up the loose skin that i have..I have seen some of the fitness programs that you have on here and well i need some help with them..then one thing i am really bad at is my eating habits..Every day i come home from work and i eat pizza pockets...About 4 of them and then other junk on top of that..I need to know what to eat for breakfast, lunch and supper and a good exercise program i can do with the limited amount of machine i have...Can someone please help? It would be nice if your replies were emailed to me so i know to read them...Please help..I really need to change


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12/3/2004 11:10:51 PM
Determine how many calories you should be having each day and how many you can have and still lose weight. Then I suggest you check out Canada's Food Guide. It will tell you how many servings of each food group you need so you can incorporate your calories through the groups. Grain products will probably take the most calories and vegetables and fruit the least.

11/30/2004 12:57:22 PM
Sorry forgot to put my email on here incase .... again

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