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Hey everyone,

Im in my last year of school and my most important exams are coming up, these exams will decide whether I get into university or not. This is my second year doing this year because last year I f**ked up my exams so I repeated. I don’t want it to happen again. I really need advice on how to study and what to do and what not to do. I just feel really lazy, and im very pessimistic about life. Ever since I saw loose change, I got addicted to the internet, sitting on my ass all the time, I didn’t really care about life anymore because of what I see happening in the world. I think it’s because im not doing much exercising which is making me feel lazy. If
Anyone wants to second that, or give me advice or links please do. I appreciate it


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4/16/2007 11:04:14 PM
Ok... I know what you mean. I graduated about 3 years ago from high school so it was a bit different then. I didnt have myspace or an addiction to the internet. That will definitely get you down and take up alot of your study time. Try to back off from the computer unless you're checking e-mail or researching for class.Get up in the morning and make it a point to take vitamins and eat breakfast. I took one a day active and they were cheap and awesome. Don't be down about high school believe me college life is harder!

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4/16/2007 5:29:14 PM
try improving your diet (more vegs, protein, less grains and dairy) and seeing things in a more positive light. be thankful for everything you have and try and see the glass half-full. i was really pessimistic and depressed in my high school days, it's really hard sometimes, especially with a computer and even moreso if you don't live in a big city. walking around makes me enjoy life.

maybe you don't like what you're studying... but if you're sure you'll like it in university then apply yourself and think of that instead. i ifnd it's much easier to study something you love doing.

3/11/2007 12:14:01 PM
I think you need to speak with a psychologist, noone here without a PHD or Masters in Clinical Psychology can give you the proper advice because we don't know the reasons to your unhappiness. Everyone has different reasons that makes them happy; mine are: My Spouse, Friends, Family and good hobbies that keep my mind busy.

Keep trucking...

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