Weight & Fat Loss | I found something that works for me!

Hey Guys,

I am 29 years old mother of 2 girls. I used to be 130lbs and now I am suddenly 222lbs. OMG I am fat!

I tried all those diet pills, and shakes and all that stuff and nothing seemed to work, but the reality of it was I wasnt doing anything. I was also eating late at night and that is totally wrong!!

So one day I got searching the net for a miracle pill or something that was going to work without effort because I was lazy LOL Well guess what it worked!

Self Hypnosis is what I found. I have been doing it for a while for other issues in my life such as depression and rebuilding trust with people and it works very well, but then I thought what the heck I will try the weight loss one too and within 1 week and I have lost 10 pounds already along with no food after 7:30 and some Dance Dance Revelution on the ps2 for excersise.

If you would like some more info on the subject please let me know and I can help coach you on how to use these tapes to your benefit.

My goal is to make at least 10 peoples lives different with this so please help me reach my goal and I will help you reach your goal!

Mel :)


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Stage 2 Fit
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7/6/2010 10:58:11 PM
wow seriously? i guess it's all in the
mind then. That's great. sure glad to hear
that it worked for you.

Stage 1 Fit
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10/28/2008 8:08:34 PM
Its great that you have lost 10lbs but I personally don't like the idea of losing weight using diet pills or being in any type of diet. I believe that diet pills have side effects. I believe in eating healthy foods and exercising, making it a lifestyle. I have made walking, eating fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water as a lifestyle. I have lost weight and i feel good and healthy


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10/27/2008 1:13:00 PM
It seems great that you are loosing weight but once you get off the pill here comes all that fat. It is good that you are trying but you need to live healthy and stay active. You meay not loose the lbs all of a sudden but it will come one day.... the same goal.

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10/27/2008 8:28:18 AM
I'm also blonde and fair skinned. I've heard that electrolysis works well on blondes and is permanent, and I'm planning to do that as soon as I'm old enough. It's not an at home treatment though. For the time being, I'll rub nair on myself before taking a shower and follow the directions carefully, then take a shower and shave normally with a sharp razor. I've never managed to make at home waxing actually work, instead I'm always left with an expensive sticky mess.

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