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I have started to develop my traps and want to stop - I believe it started to develop when I began working on my upper back.

Which exercise is doing it? I need to know which type of exercises to eliminate from my routine.

I use a Bowflex with a lat tower.


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11/5/2008 12:14:10 PM
Exercises that work your traps would include any of your upper back training. You could reduce or eliminate these exercises.

Something to watch for would be good form while working the shoulders. It is a common cheat during shoulder flys and presses to shrug up the shoulders in order to squeeze out one or two more reps at the end of your set. Focus on strict form. As soon as you start to engage the traps during a shoulder exercise, you're done. You are no longer working the shoulders so the extra reps are not useful.

You may need to use less resistance, but fear not, your shoulders are actually getting a better workout and your traps won't grow as a result.

Hope this helps.

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