Exercise Questions | I don't understand my body! former model just turned 30 soo confused.

I have been working out for quite a while now. I used to be a size 00 and 112 which is kind of sick because I am normally a healthy size 6 or 8 and 130 which is good for my frame and height without even exercising. I was doing pilates an hour plus a day plus yoga plus I was anorexic pretty much.

years later... I became quite heavy for my frame. I basically gave up on myself. Well, former model getting her abusive husband out of her life and wanting to her her body back and turning 30... I have been working out like MAD. I wear medium pants now. Fit into 10's instead of 14's. My problem area which is my bum is much much smaller almost non existent. My weight shifted though. Now I have these big thighs, and a STOMACH (okay i have always been bottom heavy, but never top heavy and NEVER a tummy)

So I do at least six hours of cardio a week. I do not eat sugar. I cut out most breads, and most fats. The scale though? I do not even want to mention the NUMBERS what the scale says I start seeing red. Let's say, it says I weigh 30 lbs MORE than I even look.

People would say maybe 140 or so? 150 max? I have been weight traning too. Not as much as the cardio. What's the deal? I asked my doctor, he told me I am looking good and he told me that it is probably the Cortisol because of the stress in my life and once my divorce is over I will see the numbers go down just keep doing what I'm doing.

I have a goal to be back to a size 6 by march. Is this possible? I have been doing cardio since MAY. I do not have a thyroid problem either. Am I still human? Do I need to seek Professional help? lol


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Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
1/25/2011 2:02:30 PM
what i would check into is a better workout routine that is more challenging to your body. it is not easy to lose weight if you dont. yes stress makes it harder to lose weight but if you push past that it should take no time to see those numbers go down. anoter thing is i would look into meal replacements like whey protien instead of meats. hope this helps.

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