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I am 35 years old and recently decided that I am tired of my skinny fat build and need to exercise and try to boost my metabolism and testosterone. For many years I was into cardio sports like jogging and swimming (soccer) which led to knee pain. Losing the ability to do my fav activities was a severe blow. So I started searching for alternative types of exercises and got into calisthenics a bit. I kinda like it but I read that the most beneficial type of training (especially for testosterone) is weightlifting. So I started building a program that included all the major exercises such as squat, bench press and so on. Problem is, however, the fact that there are no gyms in my area whatsoever. So, I bought as much equipment as I could possibly fit in my room. But I still can't progress because I don't have enough weights and in some cases I can't add more weight because I don't have the supporting equipment (like for bench press and squat). I am only able to do the weight I can lift and safely put back. I do a full body routine 3 Times a week and 3 days of HIIT training (Boxing HIIT and squat, Burpees, etc, HIIT). I have one day off. I also do dynamic stretching prior to training and static after. I start every day with a mobility routine. My goal is to change my body composition (lose some fat and gain some muscles). So my question is what should I do to offset my limitations linked to lack of equipment and weight ceiling and should I cut or bulk first? Is my approach ok overall?

Thank you in advance.

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