Body Building | I am in my second week of a new regimen...please read...

First, I would like to state that this is a great site and I thank
the administrators and all forum visitors for their teachings.

I will make this brief........I am currently 21 years of age,
a little over 6 ft tall, and weighing in at 145-150 lbs.

I have been an active individual for the most of my life and
I have always remained thin. I started weight training in
my mid to late teen years, yet I did so inconsistently and
also incorrectly..........there was a point where I stopped and
only did cardiovascular exercises (i.e. jogging) to develop
my body....and so I remained thin.

After some research, I took up a new regimen of both exercise
and food consumption. I learned that due to my above-average
metabolism, I need to weight train much more intensely,
yet less frequently, while at the same time needing to eat
many many many more calories.

I started about two weeks ago to train particular parts of my
body, 3 times a week, (heavy weights/low know the deal..)
while eating as much as I could

I have set a 12 week period to see how much mass I can add to
my body and improve my simple question is,
am I on the right track?

I have yet to get myself involved with supplements, not even
vitamins, I have stuck to a pretty natural I wasting

My goal is not just to get bigger (bulkier) but also to
improve my own physical stamina......add some strength and

Thank you.


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5/22/2003 3:47:47 PM
Thank you icelander for your reply...........I may start
to take some quick weight gaining products (perhaps pills
or shakes).......perhaps creatine or a glutamic substance..
yet I am unsure, since the two weeks I have been on this new
regimen, I have gained weight, about 10 pounds.....I hope I
see some muscle definition in my body soon.

5/21/2003 3:08:44 PM
Are you wasting your time? of course not, In my opinion you are definetelly on the right track,
though what you have to be aware of is that you will not
gain 10 lbs the first week (it could in fact take months),
good things happen slowly. I would recommend using creatin (some/most people really feel it kick in),
and you have to remember: "you are what you eat", eat alot of proteins, (in your case around 150 grams)
whether you get'em from supplements or just regular food doesn't really matter.
Train hard but wisely.
Best regards from Iceland

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