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Hi i am vamshi from india i am 29 years old.please read my post and advice me.
Previously i have addicted to drugs almost nine years now i stopped all the drugs but still body weights about 86 kilos and height 5'10" inches.with swollen belly
Recently i joined in gym to reduce my weight and my big belly and for fitness.
But unfortunately i am not able to do more exercises in the gym.i cant walk more than 1.5 kilometers in the tread mil with minimum speed 6.5 Kmph.while running i cant run more than 2 minits with minimum speed 9 Kmph but i am burning minimum 100 calories and cycling minimum 4.5 kilometers.and doing some other stomach related exercises.
MY question is:
1.How many kilometrs that i need to walk or run in the tread mil and how many calories that i need to burn.
2.How many kilometers that i need to complete in cycling.
3.I don't know the other machine name.while doing that it resembles like steps.i think for thighs.
4.And some other stomach executrices like bar,and abs,crunchers.
(i am sorry i don't know the exact names of the exercises sorry).but totally i think i am burning some 500 calories.
5.Apart from this i am doing steam bath but i cant sit more than 15 minits i am feeling dizzy after steam bath.what is the maximum time in steam bath.
Now my diet is in the morning very light tiff en(Indian food not much calorie)
In the afternoon lunch rice with veritable curry's and curd
In the night i am taking the food made with wheat flour.and protein powder with milk and gin sing tablets
i am feeling tierd every time and the black patches are formed around my eyes due to illness please kindly suggest me
How much time that i need to spent in gym and which is the best protein food any coaches please make diet chart for me. thanks®ards


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7/2/2008 4:08:00 AM
Have some sprouts before going gym. The sprouts contains proteins and minerals from which you will get good energy. Thus dizziness should be avoided. I had faced this problem. Now am o.k.

Personal Trainer
10/16/2007 11:45:51 AM
Hi Vamshi

1. This question is too hard to answer without knowing all your measurements/weight etc. The best answer I can give you is keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day 6 days a week!

3. Don't focus on thigh exercises, complete a complete circuit training program (click on programs, then look for the circuit by Rod Ferris). This will decrease body fat all over your body.

4. Please click on exercises then abdominals for a complete list of exercises

5. It's different for each person, obviously if you feel dizzy that's too long or you're dehydrated. I think you should see a doctor to address these issues. You may have an underlying problem why you feel this way.

I think you should browse through the website a bit more, you will find ALL the answers you are asking. We have diets, highest protein foods, etc.


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