Nutrition | How many calaries in each meal?

Hi,what i would like to no is how many calories should each meal consist of?, i.e Breakfast, lunch and dinner?...Also what is the best type of food to have in those times for someone like myself trying to loose weight with exercise.


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2/18/2007 5:57:00 PM
Okay, thankyou very much for your input. My goal is to loose weight. Well i think it really depends on how much you work out as well. When i work out i usually burn 800cal and during they day i eat about 1200. So i think i should be eating more...

2/16/2007 10:11:29 AM
It really depends on what your goals are in terms of weight. Are you looking to lose weight, maintain the weight you have or gain weight. Since your concerned about calorie intake I will asume that you are looking to either maintain or lose. You said you eat 3 meals a day, I would try 6. It works awsome for me and try and make them no more then 100 calories each..this will keep your metabolism going through out the day and I find I'm never tired!! Don't forget aswell to eat a whole bunch of fruits and veggies too!

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11/28/2006 3:23:08 PM
okay, thankyou for your help

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11/24/2006 2:23:17 PM
Eat fruits and vegitables but also lots of protein or else you will feal drained throughout the day.

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11/24/2006 2:21:22 PM
well as for me I have 200 calories for breakfist 200 for lunch and four hundred for dinner but that is just me your age body mass ect. contributes to how much you should eat.

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