General Health | How do i cope with a divorce around the holidays with my son having no idea what’s going on

My husband (31m) had mentioned a divorce to me (29f) toward the start of the month. We have 1 child (8m) and a feline and canine together. We purchased our first home together more than a year prior. Neither of us live close to family. My nearest family lives around 3-4 hours away. I'm feeling crushed with regards to this divorce My child is truly kind and sweet. He generally compose love notes to the family concerning how he adores our family. We haven't told any family at this point and just 2 of my companions are familiar the divorce (well 1 since I don't think shes my companion any longer after she simply needed to utilize me as her interest since I'm sexually open). There's time where I charge reasonable with regards to our circumstance and all the more as of late I have such disdain to my husband.
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