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How intense should I be exercising since i have high blood pressure. My doctor said it was ok to start but what should I be doing?


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2/27/2003 4:56:01 PM
It's great to see that you want to get started with exercising. Exercising has been proven to help lower blood pressure as well as many other benefits. It's also great to see that you have medical clearance to start. I'm guessing you will have access to a gym but if not, here are a few suggestions.

Start slow
Don't walk out of the house and think you're ready to run a half marathon on your first day. Start off by taking a walk around the neighbourhood. Go with a friend or bring a walkman so you don't get bored. Once you are comfortable with walking 10km and want more of a challenge, start with a light jog around the area. It's better to start off with too little than too much.

Look into purchasing a couple of hand weights. There are examples and descriptions of free weight exercises that you can perform at home in the Exercise Database Link. Resistance training will also help burn off fat and help with body toning. Try adding a few stretches in there as well.

If you are joining a gym, ask if they offer gym orientations or personal training. One session will allow you to ask any questions that you may have and help you design a program. This may sometimes be free or cheaper than you expect. See if a friend wants to join as well or if you are worried about finding a babysitter for the kids, some gyms offer a childcare service for when you are working out.

Also remember that diet plays a major role in blood pressure management. Keep a log of what you eat, when, and why. You may be surprised to see what you find out.

Should you have any further questions, don't be afraid to write back.

Good Luck!

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