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Hi all. I have had 6 children, one of them is just 8mnths old. However with my 4yr old and my 8mnth old I had c sections which is causing me a problem with fitness. Before I had c sections I was able to tone up all parts of my body, but unable to lose the tummy fat. I had my bmi done at the gym I recently joined and that was normal, but my tummy tells a lie because it is actually bigger than it should be for my 9stone weight. I am only 5ft4, and I am really desparate to flatten this area as it causes me a problem with my clothes! Can anybody plz help, bearing in mind that I am totally new to fitness and find the whole thing confusing, also plz do not mention running as I am heavy chested and it causes me problems.


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3/20/2009 2:22:18 PM
Probably just stretched out stomach muscles as much as fat. The BMI probably didn't lie. Have to retrain them to stay in.

Women's stomach muscles stretch out and even sometimes tear when they're carrying a kid. A doctor could tell you which it is in your case.

To fix stretched abs, just imagine you're trying to hold a marble in your navel and pull your stomach in when standing and especially when walking. Practise good posture (back straight, stomach in) all the time. It gets easier after a while.

Personal Trainer
2/17/2009 3:43:06 PM
Have you tried going swimming? It would be an excellent exercise for you since you haven't been to the gym in a while. Also please read our ebook on weight loss. It will help you reach your weight loss goal.


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