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I'm new. one question. I have about 30 lbs to lose. I had a personal trainer a couple years ago that got me into great shape. Depression, financial issues all got the better of me and I gained 30 of the 60 lbs I lost, back.

Question is. To lose is it best to do wt lifting or basically stick with treadmill? I've started doing an hour each morning and 30 mins at night.

I had lost several lbs before I started with the trainer, if I remember right. ugh.


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Stage 1 Fit
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8/4/2008 8:10:52 PM
You might want to take care of depression and financial issues first Because if you don't, it will be hard to loose weight or you might loose weight with exercise and gain it all back. I agree that watching what you eat is essential too.


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7/30/2008 6:47:39 PM
THank you!


Stage 1 Fit
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7/30/2008 5:36:17 AM
Weight Lifting is the best way, Because treadmil almost just works on the legs

Weight Lifting works on evrey part of your body

Think about what you eat and exercise daily and you will lose those lbs

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Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
7/7/2008 8:17:35 PM
No problem,

The reason that I mention that you should do weights with it is because you may lose weight by doing cardio but if you do not have any muscle to burn those extra will just gain that weight back. Maybe even worse than before concidering you lose muscle as you get older if you do not resistance train.

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7/5/2008 3:00:44 PM
thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.


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Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
7/5/2008 1:41:49 PM
The best thing for you to do is resistance training and using the treadmill. The combination will take you a long way!

Also using the stationary bike works really good!

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