I joined Herbal Magic and feel like a fool. It cost me over $1,000.00 to join plus over $300.00 a month to keep taking the supplements that are mandatory. Expensive huh? I found food options very restricted. The program is portion control to sum it all up with many many pills to pop. If I asked a question the answer I got was always another pill another dollar. I have lost 30 pounds but would never recommend Herbal Magic to friends or family. I felt that they sucked me in at a vunerable time of my life and they knew they had me the moment I walked in, what a fool I was. A person can follow the Canada Food Guide and supplement their diet with a herb from the grocery store for appetite control (you can find the same herbs there that are in their product) and lose just the same and keep your hard earned money. Even better instead of taking pills try increasing activity (which they do not even mention) will work the same. AGAIN, I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND YOU DO WHAT I DID unless you have over $2,000.00 to throw away. I'd rather take that $2,000.00 and reward myself with a vacation for the hard WORK that I DID, not them.

If you've had a bad experience with Herbal Magic or any other expensive program please don't keep quiet because if someone would have told me exactly what it was all about I would have never joined Herbal Magic


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8/28/2007 8:13:13 AM

I would like to speak to you further about this. Could you please email me at

Hope ot hear from you soon.

8/27/2007 7:20:20 PM
he/she is not being CHEAP. and they never said it didn't work. do not put words in their mouth.

all they said was you can lose the same amount of weight without having to spend alot of money.

7/23/2007 10:45:03 AM
You lost 30 lbs! and you think that does not have a cost involved? CLEARLY! the Herbal magic Plan worked.

You just are a cheap bastard who wants something for nothing..!

6/19/2007 6:35:10 PM
Its been proven that herbal magic doesnot work .. you lose 2 lbs per week and you eat like a rabbit... the plan was horrible i wasted 2000 dollars and i was following the plan and filling out the diary ... and then once i said i no longer want to buy the pills (60 dollars a week) they turned their back and said i no longer get the service just a weigh in and i paid 1100 to go their and step on the scale its crazy they take advantage of people with self esteem issues

I used herbal Magic and lost 8lbs in 4 months and spent over $2000 not worth it. I follwed the plan and took the pills such a scam

I am not sure how you only lost 8 lbs in 4 months. That is absurd. You could not have been following it, there is no way. I am on the program and yes, I do agree it is very costly, but I also agree more that it's worth it. If you cannot lose weight on your own, the staff and products at Herbal Magic are fantastic. Yes, the shakes, bars and such are very very expensive, but if you're dedicated to it and want it then don't complain.

You should have just asked to cancel your contract because you could do that.
Too bad after losing that weight you can't see what a good thing herbal magic is.

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