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I am 16 and I just started lifting. I'm 125 pounds and I do a lot of BMX and Downhill mountain biking. I currently have an "ab roller" which I can comfortably do 30 extensions with knees, and I have a 15, 20, and 25 pound dumbell. With the 25 pound dumbell I max out at 20 curls. I do 200 pushups everyday as well because I want core strength as well.

If you can give me any suggestions for my core, triceps, biceps, or anything that will help me for downhilling, and bmx, that would be great. Sorry to write a book, and thanks for your replies.


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12/28/2007 3:46:48 PM
First off, be careful, as 16 si still a bit youg to be bulking up. With that said, don't do ANYTHING comfortably while strength training. You must push every last rep. This website has wonderful tips and advice on strength training, so dig into those. Vary everything. Look on guys are in great shape. Search the web for kettelbell workouts. Find a gym that has kettelbells (or, alternatively, kettle bells), or buy one at Target or a good fitness supply store. If you are doing the same exercises the same way all the time, you will plateau. Vary, vary, vary. Mix it up. Change your hand position on pushups. Do plyometrics--many need no equipment.

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