Nutrition | Help modify my diet for muscle gain with minimal fat gain

So I have lost a good amount of fat and now I wanted to concentrate more on muscle building. I do have some muscle now but as my weight loss has stalled I think it would be best to bulk up a little more. I have planned my workout routine, but I am not exactly sure how much to eat, when, and what all. I would like to modify my normal eating habits to be able to accommodate the muscle building if possible so that I can easy stick to it. Anyway what I eat in a normal day is like this:

First I usually do cardio for 45 minutes when I wake up about 6 days a week, which I will be cutting in half.

Breakfast Apple, Non fat Yogurt, Berries, 1/4 cup granola

Snack Muffin, Coffee

usually go to the gym about lunchtime to lift, is this a good time for this? is there a best time of the day for lifting?

after workout usually have some milk and yogurt and fruit or maybe a protein bar or sandwhich.

sometimes I have a later afternoon snack or either a muffin, sandwich, fruit etc

dinner chicken breast with corn and peas or other veggies
or chicken noodle soup and a turkey sandwich
or bowl of vegetarian chili

so what all do you think I should do? My goal isn't to become ripped just to get a bit more muscle that looks more defined. I am pretty good at sticking to a schedule for eating and working out but I can't really cook well, so the simpler the better. Thank you all.


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6/16/2009 5:03:10 AM
okay heres a few tips, YOUR MUSCLE IS UR METABOLISM, cut out long peroids of cardio and replace with HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) look on google for more info, make shure u do it after your workout or just have a day for HIIT without any strength training, otherwise its to hard on the body.

about your diet, eat more then u burn for muscle gain, and do the oposite for losing fat, remember, to build muscle effectivly you cant lose fat at the same time, its impossable.

when cutting try to keep your strength the same, the goal of cutting is to keep the muscle u gained from bulking while shredding the fat away ;)

best of luck.

p.s you got any more questions just ask me. also ignore the ignorent try hard market seller, supplements do nothing. stay natural!

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3/5/2009 1:28:45 AM
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