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How do you get someone to reply to a post?? I'm looking for suggestions in building muscle in the hip area. I have a severe bone on bone hip, and trying to avoid hip replacement surgery. I've written a few times and haven't gotten a reply to any of my posts? Please, is there someone there that can suggest what exercises I can try to build muscle in the hip area in hopes of it working like a shock absorber? Please reply!!!


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Personal Trainer
12/25/2010 6:10:22 AM
If people dont have a suggestion to help they wont reply. I also thought your post was a setup for spam to be honest.

Your question is pretty unique.. You want padding on your hip? So on the OUTSIDE of your illiac crest which is what most people consider your hip. There aren't specific exercises to do for that. Hip flexors are on the front of your hip not the side and you wont get big enough hip flexors to act as a shock absorber. If you want a good shock absorber on your hip, fat really does the trick and will definitely accumulate on your hip. I dont think that's what you were looking for but that's the answer.

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