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Hey, i'm a 17 year old female, I was wondering what might be a good work out routine to lose between 30-40 pounds? I'd like it to be quick and I don't have any equipment to use.


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3/8/2014 3:38:10 AM
Nice post and its really a good workout
routine. I must say that people should
follow a good workout routine. I do
cardio everyday and i spent one hour on
my workout. For more ideas and
information about workout contact with

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1/21/2014 4:28:59 PM
Workout routines and exercise
combinations are endless. With all of
the options available, you could never
do the same routine twice. It is
important, however, to cater your
workout routine to your fitness level,
goals and lifestyle; some routines are
better for certain objectives than
others. Decide what you want to gain
from your workout routine and choose the
one that is right for you.

Beginner's Routine
If you are just beginning a workout
routine, it's important to start fairly
slow so you don't injure yourself. You
will want to start with small weights
and work yourself up. As far as the
actual workout routine, start with 10 to
15 minutes of cardio, such as jogging,
speed walking, biking and jumping rope.
Also, be sure to stretch thoroughly.
This is important for every person at
every level of fitness, especially
beginners (to prevent injury and reduce
post-workout soreness). Choose about 10
different exercises that target the
whole body (or the areas you want to
work on), including the back, arms, legs
and chest. Do one set of 12 repetitions
of each. Try exercises such as crunches,
bench press, bicep extensions, leg curls
and squats. To start out, do your
routine three times a week.

Weight-Loss Routine
For weight loss, many people think that
cardio is the only way to go. Some
people are afraid that if they lift
weights, they will "bulk up," but this
is a common myth. While cardio is
important for a weight-loss diet,
strength training is just as crucial,
and some might even argue that it is the
key to faster weight loss. This is
because the more muscle you have, the
higher your metabolism and the quicker
you burn fat. For your routine, switch
of between cardio and strength training
(5 minutes of cardio, your weight-
lifting routine and repeat). In order to
build muscle faster, which will in turn
burn fat, try exercises that work the
largest muscles in your body, such as
squats, bench presses and crunches.
These exercises work the large muscles
in your legs, trunk and shoulders. Look
for other exercises that do the same. If
you would like to burn extra calories,
which will lead to faster weight loss,
do more cardio in addition to the
suggested workout routine.

Endurance Routine
For those training for a marathon,
triathlon or other type of race,
endurance is very important. Endurance
training is equally important for
athletes who are very active during
games, such as basketball, football,
soccer, lacrosse and tennis. There are
several types of endurance-training
workouts. Slow, long-distance cardio is
good for those who will be competing in
long races, such as marathons. The ideal
workout routine for this is a less-
intense but longer cardio session. When
doing this, you should run, bike or swim
for 30 minutes to two hours at a level
in which you could still hold a
conversation without getting winded (and
about 80 percent maximum heart rate).
Pace or tempo training is designed to
increase energy production and can be
practiced with a 20 to 30 minute routine
where your cardio is slightly more
intense that what it would be in your
race/sports activity. You can break the
20 to 30 minutes down into shorter
periods with a short rest in-between if
you like. Interval and repetition
training are more intense because you
practice short bouts (between 60 seconds
to 5 minutes) of very fast, intense
cardio with rest in-between. These are
done less frequently (perhaps one to two
times a week). These intense endurance
sessions help with short, quick burst
(for example, making a run in football
or pushing through the last bit of a
long race).

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