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Hey all, I need some advice...

Right now, I’m trying find a way that works well for me and my busy (and typically hectic) schedule.

Usually in the mornings, I don’t have much time to do anything besides get my family and I ready to head out the door… let alone, cook. I know it’s all about time management and dedication but do you have any advice about eating nutritionally while being pressed for time?



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7/21/2013 9:35:17 PM
Perpetration and lots of pepper to speed up the
metabolism and I always eat on the go and cut
out the coffee.

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3/18/2013 2:49:19 AM
It was really very nice and worked for me and i have shared it with my personal experience.

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3/8/2013 1:33:29 AM
Benefits with Honey:

It will better to start a day with “chestnuts raw honey”. It is a very special dark amber color honey with a strong aromatic taste and a slightly bitter after taste. It is a rare type of honey with caramel savor, great flavor and texture, rich in pollen content, mineral salts and tannin and it is high in antioxidants and in minerals.

a.) Prevents aging: High amounts of antioxidants help in removal of free radicals and thereby protect the body from aging affects. Hence, regular consumption of Italian honeys help to look young.

b.) Relieves fatigue: High amounts of fructose serves as good source of energy. Hence, a spoon of chestnut honey helps to relieve fatigue immediately.

c.) Treats acne: Antibacterial action of this honey makes it ideal for treating acne. Use the honey directly as a face mask or mix it with oat meal to reduce inflammation and for exfoliation of the skin.

d.) Strengten the body: A high amount of minerals such as Iron, vitamins B and Vitamin C and antioxidants present in this honey support various body functions such as strengthening muscles, improving blood circulation, boosts the functioning of immune system and even improves the functioning of organs such as liver and stomach.

Like other honey varieties chestnut honey can also be used to flavor the baked products such as cakes, cookies and tarts. Slight drizzling of the honey over ice cream adds extra flavor especially those with hazelnut flavor. It can also be added to tea, milk, salads, marinade and also as a spread on your toast. Toasted semolina bread with butter and this slightly spicy honey tastes excellent. Have it along with aged cheeses such as Ricotta and Stracchino or with freshly cooked meat.

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2/22/2013 10:31:00 AM
People who usually remain busy most of
the times they prefer having some kind
of quick food which they can have in
restaurants but the quick made food
contain a lot of bad things we call them
junk food and fast food,Full of fats and
calories that is the major reason
nowadays of people gaining so much
weight.Give some time to your diet,eat
vegetables and fruits they are rich in
benefits and have almost zero fats.

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2/13/2013 1:38:40 AM
Sunshine gives us Vitamin D, Reveal to
sunlight on early days for a few
minutes but don't go out when the sun is
at it's most popular, Therapy is said to
damage calcium mineral, Thus, use orange
instead instead...

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11/1/2010 7:18:23 PM
Breakfast is a bit tricky, but Lunch & dinners can be prepared ahead of time. Just cook way more than you need & package & frezze the rest for tomorrow etc. For Breakfast, meal replacement shakes are becoming a fast, good nutrition alternative to cereals.


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10/19/2010 12:42:22 PM
I like the idea of preparing food ahead of time whenever possible. Crock-pots are great for this, especially in the fall and winter. Just get it started in the morning before work/ errands, let it cook all day, and then enjoy a delicious meal whenever you’re ready. An added bonus is that they are usually an easy clean up. Though, it does help to plan meals so you can get groceries a couple days ahead of time—another great time saver.

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8/4/2010 6:08:04 PM
ane trick I find that works is to make more when
you do cook....either have the leftovers for the
next day or freeze for a future meal. Cooking in
bulk is great for someone with a busy
life....knowing that you have a healthy meal in the
freezer prevents the stops for takeout!

Also, when am cooking dinner, I also assemble
my lunch form the next day....I never have time in
the morning so this ensures that one is ready for

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7/27/2010 5:47:21 AM
Nutrition for Life:

1. What you should aim for daily is:

- Carbohydrates intake: 60% of your diet
- Protein intake: 25% of your diet
- Fat intake 15% of your diet
- Cholesterol intake: 300 mg
- Sodium intake: 1000 to 3000 mg
- Fiber intake: 25-30 mg

2. As we grow older, our metabolism slows down gradually, our activity declines, and there is a tendency to eat more.

3. Serious and quick dieting may harm rather than help you. It may interfere with hormonal regulation, blood sugar regulation, and lead to unhealthy preoccupation with food, binge eating, and weight obsession.

4. The benefits of exercise are numerous. Some are enumerated as follows: it will make you lose weight, lower your blood lousy type of cholesterol, increase the healthy type of cholesterol, improve your blood sugar metabolism, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower you blood pressure and heart rate, improve your lean muscle mass, and improve your muscle tone, endurance, and range of motion.

5. One gram of protein or one gram of sugar, each provides 4 calories, whereas one gram of fat provides 9 calories.

6. Never starve yourself then binge eat. Try to spread your food intake throughout the day. Have multiple small frequent snacks in the midmornings and afternoons. Take any leftover food when you dine out for a later treat. Eat low-fat food whenever it is possible.

7. Eat lots of onions and garlic. These are very healthy nutrients that are good for your heart and blood pressure. They are also natural antibiotics and improve your immunity. Mild cooking of garlic for less than a minute may get rid of its smell yet preserves its benefits.

8. Try to avoid beer as it contains very high percentage of empty calories and sugar. Wine is not bad for the heart but grape and cranberry juices are the healthiest. 9- Try to add ginger on your cooking. It is also good for immunity and acts as a smooth muscle relaxant. Smooth muscle is located in your sphincters, gut, and vessels.

9. Try to use fresh vegetables rather than frozen ones. Some vitamins’ effects may change with that. The same applies on meat, juice, and fruits.

10. Fish is the best meat you can eat. It contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fats. These are the healthy type of fats that protect from heart disease. It is recommended you eat the skin of fish also as it contains too many fresh minerals.

11. It is also recommended to eat all vegetables and fruits with their skin, except for common sense ones like bananas and oranges. These will provide you with good quantity of fiber. Fiber forms stool bulk and is necessary to prevent colon cancer.

12. Remember, do not become obsessed with over-eating, think instead you are underexercising. So exercise, exercise, and exercise.

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7/9/2010 8:06:04 PM
there's always time for dessert. the truth
is i kinda have the same problem. i don't
have time. the quickest way is to have a
stack of humus and pita bread, tuna and
light mayo, and a few lettuces and fruits.
the truth is there is no real formula. you
will learn to mix things up because it
does get old. just think ahead and stick
to what you will bring.

Personal Trainer
5/26/2010 3:21:44 PM
Hey Scout,

Of course... Give us your current diet. We will make some suggestions for quick and easy meals. Probably our best advice is to check out the new weight loss diet meal plan.


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