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Hi, I'm 15 and want great abs. My routine for working my abs are: sit ups=60, side sit ups 60 each side, leg rises 3 sets of 20(30-1min rest in bwt) and crunches= 60-80 right after the leg rises. I always do this right after I finish my workout at the gym. I been doing this routine for a while but having seen any results. Any suggestions on changing my routine? Oh yeh, I got a bit of fat on my ab section but not a lot. I want to burn it off but I also want to gain weight. Can you please help me with these 2 question. Thx


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9/8/2003 8:37:56 PM
All the above is true.

But it seems like ab fat is the last thing you have to lose.

Don't give up, you just keep on working them and sooner or latter those abs will peak right through.

Don't get discourgaged it will happen. And it will be worth it.

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9/8/2003 8:35:23 PM
Not only that, don't give up and don't get dissappointed it seems like ab fat is the last fat to get rid of.

But when you get ripped and see those abs poke through, it will all be worth it.

Keep going you will make it.

9/3/2003 3:30:06 PM
You have to change your routine every 6-8 weeks. Your abs have already gotten bored of crunches and leg rises by now, try something new in the excersize and stretches section ;)

Personal Trainer
8/28/2003 7:18:28 AM
Great advice, I could not have said it better myself ;)


8/28/2003 6:44:10 AM
First of all, that's way to many sit ups. Your abs are a muscle right? Then why train them that much differently than any other muscle? I suggest doing a weighted ab routine aiming for about 10-15 reps per exercise. Second, you said you always do this right after finshing your workout in the gym. How many days a week do you workout? I'm guessing more than one. Again your abs are a muscle, just like all of the others in your body. You should only be training your abs once or twice max per week with at least 2 days rest in between. Last, to burn off excess fat, do cardio on your off days.

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