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I am lacking in bicep size compared to my forearms.I have hit the biceps fairly hard but still have not acheived much gain in size. Should I up the weight and go to failure on the biceps as well as doing negative excercises? Any help is appreciated.


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Myfit Expert
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4/29/2004 8:04:38 PM
Actually that looks like a burn out for your biceps. Dont do it, it will be a waste of time.

4/29/2004 6:50:43 PM
big nate or little nate little is more fitting lol

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3/6/2004 6:36:30 AM
Big Nate-thanks for the info-will give it a shot-KEVIN

Big Nate
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3/5/2004 7:49:01 PM
I've never been a big fan of negatives. Instead try this technique:

Weight-Stripping: Load the easy-curl bar with small plates (like 3 10's and 4 5's per side) and do preacher curls. Every time you reach failure, have a spotter "strip" one plate off each side. Continue this until the bar is "stripped" of all weight.

You're welcomed to try my bicep routine; here's the link to my site's arm exercise page:

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