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I started working out again about 2.5 months ago after taking a few years off. I have noticed some pain in my forearms that I never used to get.
It's about 1/2 way up my forearm on the outside. It seems to be right where the muscle and bone separate, right along that edge.
I have been using free weights and a preacher pad for my biceps curls.
If I had to relate this pain to something I have felt in the past I would say it's almost like shin splints.
Is this common with preacher pads? Too much weight on the bar? Bad form? Any ideas?


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5/4/2005 10:02:20 PM
I was having a similar issue recently and mentioned it to a buddy at the gym. what you are likely experiencing are forearm splints. Try making an adjustment when you do your preacher curls. I suspect that you are placing your entire arm on the pad. move the seat up so that only your elbow is supported by the pad making your upper arms a little more verticle during the excercise. You should notice that you can't do quite as much weight because you lose a little leverage however you will also find that this way forces you to do more work with your biceps. What happens is you get a better burn in your bi's AND no more forearm splints. good luck, hope this helps.

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10/9/2003 9:15:26 PM
I do not ussually get forearm pain, but if it really really hurts and you have never felt that before maybe you should check with a doctor. A lot of people get that pain because their wrists get injured while doing excercices with bad form (benchpressing barbells is an example). Also, you can try stretching your forearms. Is the problem in both arms? Try to do a different bicep exercise and see if it still hurts.

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