General Health | Fitness & toning through swimming help?

Hi, Im a 16 yr old male student roughley 130lbs in weight and 5 ft 9 in height.

I am your typical "Athletically Challenged" youth to some degree.. the only sport I have ever excelled at was Swimming, Which I havnt done ina good while.

But I have currently showed a great deal of interest in becoming Fit REcently and im completely confused in what to do :(

I have read alot of information about Swimming and its benefits, and decided on a routine of Swimming 4 times a week (about 7-8 hours) and maybe once or twice a week at the gym.

I have a few questions I hope you can anwser for me :)

1) I know Swimming is a good Cardio Work out ... and also heard its a pretty good Strenght train? is that true?
2) Im pretty Skinny Which makes me fear getting any skinnier through swimming.... Will this happen or will I gain Some Muscle tone?
3) (similar to question 2) my arms are skinny and i lack upper body strenght in comparison with most of my mates .. will this help me gain Upper Body Ability or will I definatly need weight training?
4) is Swimming 4 times a week and Gym 2 times a week enough to improve Fitness & body?
5) At the Gym what apparatus should I use to improve in the areas Swimming leaves out?

Bassically am I on the right track? My desired goal is to build up health and stamina and stop being a lazy bum ;) while also improving physical appearance, I have no interest in gaining BIG mucles... instead just to Tone myself and Make my body Well porportioned to eachother. Hope you can give me some Feedback :)

Thank You.


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Personal Trainer
3/31/2005 4:54:36 PM
1. Yes, it is true... Swimming is one of the best.
2. It is a cardiovascular workout. You need to keep a positive caloric balance. Click on the weight gaining guide from the main page.
3. There are things that you still need to work. I would suggest an all over body routine (weight training) 3 times per week. View the fitness programs to find one.

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