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I have noticed in the Supermarkets that now they carry fat free sliced cheese.

Does the fact that the cheese is fat free have any effect on the benefits of the protein content? Have any studies been made?

I have not seen anybody suggest a ham and cheese sandwhich (98% fat free ham, fat free cheese, and whole grain bread), but it sounds very practical and healthy.


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9/14/2006 2:22:22 PM
Fat free cheese has the same protein as regular cheese. A slice of cheese however doen't provide that much protein but is good protein. Also, dairy products have been shown to aid in fat loss. The cheese sandwich is a great idea but you might want to use only one slice of a whole wheat bread to lower the carb content in relation to the protein content....Lanny Schaffer...

8/23/2006 2:44:20 PM
If you take fat free plain yogurt and put it in a coffee filter paper fitted strainer over a bowl for 1-3 days, the water will come out and what you will be left with is a cream cheese textured yogurt cheese that you can flavor with whatever you like (salsa, salt and dill weed, ranch dressing mix, herbs, garlic...) It is great on a sandwich or as a protein rich dip for raw veggies. It is easy and delicious, try it.

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7/8/2002 1:31:01 PM

I have also been ingesting 'fat-free' (less than 0.5 grams of fat per reference amount and per labelled serving of a food) cheese for a long period of time, and it is made from skim milk. I find that it tastes great and is a great topping on lunch meats. Keep in mind that it is still processed and that there are preservatives in the cheese. But the protein content is the same as skim milk. (It is complete) Below is a list of food with the best sources of protein:

Taken from: ''
Food Protein Rating

Eggs 100

Fish 70 (Salmon is the best)

Cow's Milk 60

Lean Beef 69

Soybeans 47

Dry Beans 34

Peanuts 43

Whole-grain Wheat 44

Brown Rice 57

White Rice 56

White Potato 34

(The rating means the percent of amino acids in the food that your body will actually use.)

Your ham sandwich is practical and healthy, but if you are looking for a perfect combination for a lunch try flax whole grain bread with omega-3 eggs and boneless skinless chicken breast with some veggies on top. The flax, and omega-3 is the good fats, the eggs and chicken breast are your complete protein.. etc. (just remember too much of anything isn?t great!)

I hope this helped!

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