Body Building | Extremely skinny 15 y/o

Hey guys I'm looking for some help.

I'm 15 years old, and weigh only 98 Pounds :( I am looking for some things to do around the house in order to add some weight, and put on a little muscle.

But I am worse off than most of you probably think by now... I have absolutely NOTHING.... My chest is like negative, my arms are like as big around as a coke can o_o, my shoulders may as well not even be there and I have twiggy legs... Basically I'm a clean slate.

I take protein supplements, as of late, and have been doing pathetic workout routines that will probably help me in no way whatsoever. I have a supplement called synthasix, but I have been drinking muscle milk.

I am really sick of being skinny and small, I am looking to get bigger over the summer, and continue to gain muscle as time passes. PLEASE Help me!

P.S. I don't really have any workout "machines" such as a bench. Free weights and my pool are about the only things I have to work with. :x


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8/26/2008 2:11:08 PM
Monday - Push Ups and Pull Ups, many different hand positions and grips for both. Also, kill your abs. 10 sets of 25 reps of sit ups, v ups, crunches, leg raises, etc. Look on youtube and add some pilates moves.

Tues - interval training

Wed - Use your freeweights and work your arms and shoulders. tricep extensions, shoulder press and fly, bicep curls. Vary the types of curls, extensions, presses you do to add sets to your workout.

Thurs - interval training

Fri - Legs. Squats, lunges, calf raises etc. Hold dumbbells or add a weighted backpack to increase resistance.

Rest up on the weekend.

Change up your exercises every three or four weeks for max results.

Eat lots of real food. Lots of meat especially beef. (it has a bit of creatine in it naturally) Don't buy into the designer products. They're full of synthetic ingredients you don't need. Don't eat out of boxes, bags, cans, packages.

I ate paleolithic and went from 6' tall, 160 lbs to 175 lbs in 3 months.

Hope this helps

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7/29/2008 4:06:03 PM
You Doesn't Weight so Much so you should do some Chin-Ups and Pullups both exercise will work the Biceps and the Lats (back)

Do those basic Exercise:

For The Leg

Run a Few mile
Raise on Toes
Deep Knee Bend
Forward Bends

Those exercise will target the major Part

If you got a Barbell Do this Exercise:

Clean & Press this is works evrey Major Part and also a great Warm-Up Exercise

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7/18/2008 11:42:05 AM
Dude you sound just like me at 15. I was a late bloomer man I know it sucks. Don’t do heavy weights until you get a little older. Eat as much healthy food as and just start doing pull-ups and pushups like mad. Don’t drink soda and drink lots of water.

Someone as light as you should have no problem with pull-ups after a couple of weeks of practice. Wide grip pull-ups develop the hell out of your entire back and will pull your chest and shoulders wider and give you that vee/athletic build. Don’t have a pull-up bar? Find a straight tree limb or anything that you can hold onto, actually a wide limb will give you an iron grip too. Do as many sets of as many as you can, same with pushups. Pushups also help strengthen your core muscles and develop your chest and arms at the same time. Try just sitting there in the pushup position and squeeze your abs tight and make your lower back straight and hold it like a plank until you fail. And like the other guy said, put something heavy in backpack and find a hill or staircase and just walk up and down them till your legs are on fire or put more weight in there and just plain walk till it hurts, always point your feet and knees straight ahead. Joggin a couple times a week or swimming in your pool a shitload will help your legs and entire body too. Make sure and rest at least two days a week so your body can recoup and your muscle can repair itself. Too much workout is very bad for you. And always try to maintain proper posture.

Don’t worry about the heavy weights and getting huge, you haven’t grown enough yet for that, wait till you’re about 17-18 or better. You can do some light weight/high reps if you want, and free weights are always WAY more effective than machines. Parts of your skeleton may grow at different rates during youth, and if you put too much stress on them with heavy weights when you are too young you can screw your body up because you’re all out of whack. I know what it’s like to be small and everyone around you is getting bigger. Don’t worry about it man, you WILL grow, and when you do you’ll look back and laugh about this. You don’t need to be big anyhow, it’s better to be strong. It’s much more impressive when you can lift as much as some dude who’s got arms twice the size of yours, and laugh when he can only do 5 pull-ups.

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7/15/2008 10:12:57 AM
Hey Skinny Friend,

I am sure it's frustrating for you at your age to be skinny.

When I was your age I also started lifting to gain weight. It's a good start taking protein shakes and doing some free weights.

In order to gain weight, you have to take in a rediculous amoutn of calories a day, maybe aroud 15-20,000. You can do this by eating four rounded meals a day that includes carbs for long term energy, fats to use during your workouts, and proteins to build muscle. You can also eat your protein shakes multiple times a day while eating one right before you go to bed with a a lot of water.

Your workouts with these free weights (dumbbells?) can be extremely effective. It would take me too long to explain all the good workouts you can do but doing anything is better then nothing. I would do alot of reps on each body part, while picking 2-3 body parts a day and work them until they become fatigued.

For example...If you do dumbbell bench...Do at least 50 reps with some other additional workouts like with the shoulers and triceps then dont do them again until thursday.

Good Luck!

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6/17/2008 6:54:18 PM

u no what u should doo
eattttttttt penut butter with hersheys chocolate mix it up and eat it
im 15 im turning 16 and i play middle line backer and full back
butt try that
and do alot of pushups
thass how i started now i go to the gymm
but start with pushh ups then get a back pack and put it on and do push ups like sets oof 12 about 40 repsss
for leggs get a backpack put alot of shit in it and go running with itt
i used to putt weightss in it if u dont have weighhts get something heavvy and put it in therrr

tryy it

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6/5/2008 8:41:28 AM
Wow that reminds me of when i was 15=]

You maybe just a little short of developing muscle because of your body maturing still, but this is what I would recremend you to do.

I used a teabo movie to get me started. Its high cardio and you tone pretty quick.

Once you have gotten a little bit of endurance up, I would move to a workout video that would hit workouts that are called pilates. That is where you are just working out with your own body weight.

At your age you do not have to pump iron to gain muscle mass, but after you have started gaining some lean mass from doing pilates i would start using a regular lifting routine three times a week. Going back and forth between cardio and lifting should give you the results that you are looking for.

Or you could just keep doin what you are doing. Either way you will see results. The way that I have mentioned though is really effective and you start seeing results pretty fast.

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