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I recently lost 106 lbs so far and am trying to lose about another 100. anyway, I noticed that my upper arms which are thinner than before but have alot of excess skin from the underarm to the elbow. what exercises can I do to reduce this or at least tone it up a little so it looks good? I do have some hand held 5 lb. weights.


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7/27/2008 4:41:54 AM
Surgery is the only way to get rid of it completely to be honest.

I am in the same boat. I went from around...220lbs to 165lbs in about a year, but excess skin was still a bi product of weight loss for me!

I have it mainly on my stomach, and a little on my upper arm, shoulder to elbow. I am trying to fill it out with muscle, I've been gymming it for around 3 months now, just trying different workouts to build muscle, I even did a personal training course to help me understand my body better. And it's helped A LOT.

Trying getting some lean muscle mass on your body, it won't rid it completely, but it will definitely help, and make you feel better.

Hope this helps!


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6/21/2008 6:10:43 PM
Start lifting. Not only will it help you avoid that deflated beach ball look that comes with such a large weight loss, it will also aide in your weight loss. Check out Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength". Lift 3x a week, do cardio on alternate days 2x a week, and take 2 days off. Be consistent and I promise you will build muscles, loose fat quicker, and look better once you reach your goal weight. And congrats on losing such an impressive amount already! You rock!

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5/18/2008 3:45:04 AM

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Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
4/9/2008 6:01:41 PM
I agree with the response below. I do not like surgery for anybody but tryin to tighten up your skin with anything but surgery will only get you soo far.

Creames and other products may help for a little while or may work a little but once you stop using that product things will undo itself.

Its like training for a sport. If you do not keep a routine, all that you trained for will disapear until you start training again.

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4/9/2008 5:49:46 PM
Hey. I went from 240 to 190 in about 4 months and built lean muscle while doing it. The only problem is that my stomach, arms, upper thighs, and neck (my main problem areas) had very loose skin. Now, I'm young, and hopefully I can regenerate the tissue but it's been almost 3 years and I can still pull the skin a couple of inches off of the initial base. I've looked into it a lot before, and like the below comments said, as of now, surgery is the only route I have seen. There are creams out there, but I don't really see the benefits of them. They aren't advertised for long-term effects anyways. Just try and fill out the skin with muscle. No one can tell a difference until you purposely stretch it out for sheer fun =) Hope that helps!

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12/28/2007 3:38:39 PM
Great job on your reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue! (Fat!) Surgery will definitely get rid of excess skin; but why not first try to fill the void with some lean muscle mass? After a good, well-rounded upper body workout, get some isolation exercises on your vanity muscles: triceps, biceps, and forearms. Your 5# weights are a good start for triceps kickbacks, triceps overhead extensions, biceps curls, wrist curls. Also, look for a kettelbell. Last I saw, Target has a light kettelbell (maybe 15#) at a reasonable price. Get the DVD as well, or look online for some kettelbell tips & workouts! You will be amazed at the results!

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12/11/2007 2:18:26 PM
I don't know of any exercises that will reduce the skin. From my understanding surgery may be the only way to get rid of extra skin caused by weight gain and weight loss. Please see your doctor about this.


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