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I'm 15 and I play football. My head coach thinks I'm really awesome so be put me in Offense, Defense, Kick-off, Kick-return, PAT, Punt, and Punt-Return; all in first string. I don't know why coach favors me so much; I can do quick sprints, but I don't have a lot of agility and endurance. What kind of cardio exercises would help me to get enough endurance to last throughout a whole football game playing both offense and defense?


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9/9/2003 5:38:21 PM
Congratulations on those great positions. I used to play both ways when I played highschool football. In order to keep the energy up, be sure that you eat properly. Make sure you eat about 2 hours before your game. As for cardio training, I would recomend interval training. It might look something like this:

-a light jog for 10 minutes to warm-up.

-sprint the field as quick as you can.

-walk back

-sprint the field again.

-walk back

-now jog at a medium pace around the field for 10 minutes

-do two more sets of the sprints

-do side steps the width of the field and back at a medium pace

-two more sets of sprints

-finish off with a couple of laps at an easy pace to cool off.

If this is too much to begin with, start with half the routine. If this becomes too easy, add a few more sets or routines. Good luck with the season.

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