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Hello, I am 18, 180cm (5 foot 11 inches) and ~130-135 pounds (haven't had a scale at my disposal for a long time). I have a small bit of body fat and not much (ie nearly no) muscle mass. I am also a university student living in residence and do not have much money or time on my hands.

Basically I am looking for exercises I can do in my small space to help me burn my last little bit of body fat and build up some muscle mass. So far I have just been using my spare time to do some jogging on the spot as well the occasional crunches/push ups. I am looking for exercises that can be done to help me get into generally better shape. I am also looking for some advice on how I could get more out of the exercises I am already doing.

At the moment I have access to 2 chairs, my bed, and about 5x1.5m strip of flooring at my disposal.

Because of the transit strike at the moment in Ottawa so I can't do much to go out and buy any (cheap) equipment, although I would like to get a pair of 20-30 dumbbells or something like that.

Thanks you for your time.


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1/26/2009 2:35:11 PM
If you want to burn fat and build muscle mass you need to do compound exercises that work multiple joint/muscle groups. You can work your way from the more simple compound exercises (such as squats, push-ups, planks) to more complex movement (combining a lunge to arm curl to overhead shoulder press). The more complex the movement, the better; however they are also more dangerous if done improperly. I would not recommend complex movement exercises to beginners so take your time.
Also, if you want to cut down on spending, you should use your school's gym instead of buying equipment. If you can't spare a good 30-60 minutes of your day to get in some exercise, I'd suggest you manage your time and re-prioritize.

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