Workout Talk | Does anyone have the personal training certificate?

Hey everybody, I am thinking about becoming a personal trainer and in looking at the personal training certification. Does anybody have the certification? Is it difficult to pass?
I am looking for in the study tips to help me out. Thanks for all the help!


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10/15/2019 5:49:32 AM
Hello everyone .!! Hope you all are doing great!
as I have mentioned above that I have decided
to start my personal trainer career. As I have
read in many articles and internet in looking at
the best PT certificate for me. There are
hundreds of different companies with their own
certification programs. I found that NASM, ISSA,
ACE, personal training certifications are
generally accepted that every single gym as
high-end certification. I have just found an
related to me it helps me a lot but am still
looking for something more. Am not fully agree
with this guy. what you guys think about this
link. Do you think the information is good or
anybody can suggest me a better more than

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