Exercise Questions | Divorce and sharing sport costs

So, presently we're separated, my ex lives with him mother, and when the vast majority would have overhauled the old vehicle they had after the divorce, or bought a loft and moved out of him mother's place, he purchased an independent pony truck. The ex doesnt even have a pony. Immmediately after the online divorce here, he persuaded him mother to purchase a horse for the little girl. The ex might have utilized the current vehicle and the exisiting horsefloat yet he purchased an independent horsetruck so he could remain nearby at horse occasions and engage from the truck.

Caring for ponies is a major responsibility - morning and night when school, and consistently. I've been contributing towards costs however have been feeling uncomfortable in light of the fact that however much my girl loves ponies and rides well, it was consistently him moms thing - him public activity, him diversion, him sport, him everything. It actually is - he's the one at the shows that has everybody around the camping area, playing the guitar around the open air fire. I feel the game is more about my ex than it is about my girl. In spite of that I've acknowledge some of it and ex is continually permitted to take little girl to horse occasions on my ends of the week or my Sundays.
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