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I am a 5'1" female hovering between 113-115 lbs. I'm training to be a Muay Thai fighter and there aren't many girls who are around my size, so I need to get to 120 lbs. I've been lifting and training 6 days a week since February and haven't gained or even lost any weight. My husband is a personal trainer and changed my workout program to include power lifting to help build muscle, but he doesn't know much about dieting. He has me eating whole grains (pasta, crackers), whole fat cheeses (still drinking skim milk), spinach, tuna, peanut butter and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a protein every night for dinner. However, I feel and look fatter after eating like this. I'm a rather picky eater and don't like avocado, most nuts, or oats. Is this enough or do I need something else? I'm not excited to take supplements, but can if needed.

Thanks for anyone's input or help!


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12/29/2014 5:14:57 PM
I am using a herbal formula testosterone
booster containing ashwagandha, mucuna
pruriens, gokshura, Chlorophytum
borivilianum. I find fascinating the
of herbs working together in synergy, my
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3/22/2013 12:23:38 AM
In order to gain muscle, you should plan a perfect diet plan and need to do exercises in the morning and evening sections. Also you should eat the food which is high in good fat so that it would be helpful to gain muscle mass.

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2/22/2013 10:34:55 AM
Have healthy food which contains rich
nutrition and low fats.Eat clean and
prefer food which is low in fats at the
same time do exercise which suits you that
will surely work.

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1/9/2013 11:49:46 PM
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10/31/2012 10:39:35 AM
Protein foods and protein shakes are more
effective diet to gain the muscles.
The more effective muscles gaining diets
Milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, fish, green
vegetables, green beans, apple, and banana

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1/3/2011 2:42:57 PM
It seems that you set from the fitness training aspect. Remember, women do not put on muscle mass like men. You do not have the Testosterone levels of men, which is crucial for muscle mass weight gain. Looks like what you are eating is also correct. Try eating more times during the day. I eat 5-6 times a day with smaller portions.
Also, most people do not work out symmetrically. They work the upper body much more than the lower body. Increasing muscle mass in the legs will increase your body mass substantially. The leg muscles are one of the largest, if the the largest, especially for women.



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10/27/2010 9:59:26 PM
Calculate your Bmr. Add 1000 to compensate
daily expenditure and exercise and that will tell
you how many cals you need to maintain your
current weight. Then add 500 cals if you want to
put on mass. You also should increase your
resistance in weight training by 30% and lower
your reps to 6 to 8. After you put on the lean
weight you want you may have to then drop your
cals and reps and increase your card to tone up.
Make sure to eat 5-6 small meals a day to
support your metabolism. 30% fat and 40% each
of protein and carbs. Hope this helps and give
your self a break every once in a while. Working
out 6 days in a row is when u get burned out and
hit plateues. Also change your workouts every 3
weeks to avoid your body gettin used to the

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11/19/2009 11:35:29 PM
I'm not a dietician but as far as I know, a high protein diet increase muscle build up. And because muscle is heavier than fats, toning your muscles will also increase your weight. But that is different from being heavy and fat. Make sure that you increase your weight because of your muscles and not because of fats. I also happen to bump into this specific site which talks about a 100% protein powdered drink which will aid in muscle production. Try surfing the net and do researches on a high protein diet.
Wish you good luck

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7/8/2009 6:03:46 PM
I'm not an expert in nutrition but to me when I read what you eat, it would be a good diet for somebody who wants to stay lean or loose fat. I would pack some major protein intake especially because you train so many days per week... I would eat a lot of eggs and kinoa cereal too.

Maybe your husband can approve but... six days a week!! You don't let your muscle time to rebuilt and isn't it the way bodybuilder gain weight? I would take a day break between each... I guess it depends what you train each day...

Just my 2 cents

Hope you succeed

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