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I am a 5'1" female hovering between 113-115 lbs. I'm training to be a Muay Thai fighter and there aren't many girls who are around my size, so I need to get to 120 lbs. I've been lifting and training 6 days a week since February and haven't gained or even lost any weight. My husband is a personal trainer and changed my workout program to include power lifting to help build muscle, but he doesn't know much about dieting. He has me eating whole grains (pasta, crackers), whole fat cheeses (still drinking skim milk), spinach, tuna, peanut butter and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a protein every night for dinner. However, I feel and look fatter after eating like this. I'm a rather picky eater and don't like avocado, most nuts, or oats. Is this enough or do I need something else? I'm not excited to take supplements, but can if needed.

Thanks for anyone's input or help!


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Personal Trainer
7/27/2009 7:45:19 AM
You may be eating too many calories and your body isn't using them to repair your muscle tissue that is being broken down.

It's usually pretty hard to only gain muscle without any fat. Usually people go through stages and pack on weight/muscle/fat and then lose the fat through HIIT and cardio.

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