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Hey, i am a university student, and i have been working out consistantly for about 1.5 years. I decided i wanted to bulk up after staying relatively toned, so i setup a new routine for myself, and it is going great. I am working with a 5x5 routine, with little to no isolation involved, all compound exercises (i will get back into isolation in 4 months at the end of this cycle). Now, i do not have trouble gaining or losing weight when i push myself, but my biggest problem is finances. As a student my budget is severely limited.

What supplements can i start taking to help replenish my calories? right now i have my vitamin D and C's, Whey protein powder. I already eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, Chicken and Fish... But again, this stuff gets expensive. What are some of my alternatives? Something hopefully cost effective. Thanks.


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10/6/2008 6:46:45 AM
Get a chest freezer. Buy bulk. With more cold storage, you can take advantage of really good deals when you come across them. I can get free range organic chicken for half the price of factory raised chicken at the supermarket. Same thing with beef. You may have to do some of your own butchering, but really, hacking up a bunch of chickens is pretty fun if you only do it every few months. Also, this is way healthier than eating powder for calories.

If you can, get in touch with local farmers. That's where the best deals and highest quality products are to be found. Try to get a hook up for farm fresh eggs. They're cheaper ( I found for less than half price) and once you've tried them you'll never go back to factory eggs.

Hope this helps.

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