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What is the best way to decrease body fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass?
Would cardio exercise in the mornings on an empty stomach help me achieve these goals?


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10/26/2005 1:17:40 PM
From what I have read you also want to drop your carb and fat intake down, whilst increasing your protein intake. If you buy some ketostix you can monitor your urine for ketone bodies to make sure your not in ketosis (a state where your body is breaking down muscle for energy).

This kind of approach will see you drop fat, but you wont be able to increase your muscle mass at the same time. Being able to increase muscle mass whilst dropping body fat is a hard task to achieve. If you simply diet you can loose as much as 50:50 fat/muscle as your body canabalises itself for energy.

Its best to buy a book on healthy eating, these types of books often have sections on weight loss that can be very useful.

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3/22/2003 8:34:43 AM
Cardio exercise in the mornings on an empty stomach would only be beneficial for people who are obese. Otherwise, if you are not obese, you should have a little something in you stomach prior to exercising. It doesn't have to be a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. However, it could be as simple as a bagel, a toast, or yogurt and an apple. In doing so, you will provide your body with energy to last longer in your workouts and will have increased your metabolic rate some what through digestion.

The best way to decrease fat while maintaining muscle is to get the best of both worlds. Incorporate both resistance training and cardio training in your workouts. Try keeping the the cardio for last. Do not do cardio for more than 1 hour or it will interfere with muscle gain. Try supersets or circuit training to keep the heart rate up and kick your metabolic rate into high gear. Most importantly, pay attention to your diet. Be cautious of what you eat and when.

Good Luck!

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