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I've been trying to work on my deltoids, particulary mid/read but i dont want to develop trapezuis muscle. Can you name any dumbell exercises for mid/read delts thats are very isolated and have a minimum effect on trapezuis???


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8/26/2008 1:18:44 PM
neither of the 2 exercises mentioned by mun3t touch your rear delts at all.

Unfortunately, the traps and the rear delts work together to pull your elbows back as in an overhand row. You could to forward leaning shoulder flys to isolate the rear delts with minimal trap contraction, but to isolate completely is impossible as far as I know.

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7/30/2008 5:55:38 AM
Forward Arm Raises target the shoulders, especially the deltoids

Lateral Raise it's target the same parts

those are 2 great exercise for the shoulders, i recommand you to stretch the shoulders after you done those exercise to get more result

Great Shoulder exercise and stretches:

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