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I have been working very hard the past 2 months on burning fat. I have noticed a change already. I have lost some body fat but have been able to keep my strength. In order to make sure I have enough energy to get through a great workout (in regards to weight-lifting), can I do my cardio in the morning and then lift in the late afternoon? That way I can concentrate on both aspects more directly. Also, would it be beneficial, lets say every couple weeks for chest, to do just negatives on the bench? Lets say, do 4 sets of 225, but just concentrate on taking 4 to 5 seconds on going down and then having a spotter pull the bar up. Any advice?


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Personal Trainer
2/29/2008 6:09:11 PM
1. Yes, that is an excellent way to burn more fat. It will keep your metabolism spiked throughout the day if you do cardio in the morning and then lift weights at night.

2. Yes, negatives are an excellent way to train your chest and push through any plateau. Also try: Drop Sets, Supersets, Pyramids, etc.


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