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My routine is :
Monday(Chest, Triceps shoulders traps) for about 40 minutes followed by 30 minutes of cardio.
Tuesday(biceps, back, abs)
Wednsday off day
Thursday - repeat mondays workout
friday - repeat tuesdays workout
Saturday off and Sunday off.

My question is about wednsday...I realize how important the rest day on wednsday is, but would it be ok to just do 25 minutes of only cardio?
would this affect the rest my muscles need??



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1/22/2008 1:52:26 PM
You sound knowledgeable about resting your muscles.
Another thing to consider is how your body feels; if you want to try it and you feel good during and afterwards that's what matters most.
Enjoy :)

11/11/2007 10:25:35 AM
It would be better to do the cardio on a saturday or sunday because those are also off days. Although an engagement of 30 minutes of cardio should not affect the rest your muscles need because on thrusday your exercising your chest, triceps, shoulders, and traps which recieve minimal exercise from a cardiovascular routine. Though for a full analysis you should have posted an indepth workout regimn. Are you working out for strength, power, hypertrophy, how many sets do you do...

Response - from an exercise scientist

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