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Does the use of cannabis have any effects on building muscle? And if so, why, how and for how long...?


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10/12/2008 8:24:48 AM
Think about what you are asking here;
We are talking about a substance which
1. You light on fire and inhale hot smoke into your lungs affecting how well your lungs can absorb oxygen for the muscles.
2. The effect of marijuana is to make you lose ambition, drive and priorities such as sticking to a diet that is conducive to building muscle.
3. It has been proven that marijuana lowers production of testosterone which is vital to muscle development which is why most guys who are potheads don't have steady girlfriends.
4. Anything which places physical stress on the cardiovascular system has a detrimental effect on the ability to build muscle.
5.Spend your money on whey protein instead of pot-you'll see better results.

10/6/2008 8:56:02 AM
Marijuana places stress on your cardio vascular system and other body systems. If you are a daily user, your body is under a constant load of chronic stress. While there is no studied relationship between marijuana use and muscle building, there is plenty of information about stress and it's impairment of healthy tissue regeneration and body functioning in general.

I'm not saying it's impossible to build muscle while smoking up, just that it won't help and may very well hurt your efforts. You're not ever going to become any kind of super athlete if you keep up the habit. You will almost definitely get better results if you kick the habit.

Don't kid yourself though, marijuana addiction affects your life in exactly the same way as any other addiction. The effects of marijuana addiction are slower to manifest than with other substances and this makes it harder to identify. Even though you remain a functioning member of society, you will slowly begin to prioritize your life around the bong. Everyone makes time for what's important to them and as marijuana becomes more important, it takes up more time, displacing more constructive pursuits such as body building for example. I'm not proud to say it, but I know this from personal experience.

Many people can have just a hoot or two at a party once in a while. For some people though, marijuana becomes an addiction (10% actually)

Trust me, it's really really hard to quit, but your life will get way harder than that if you don't. Life's just better sober.

Hope this helps.

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9/18/2008 3:01:58 PM
and if you're the type of guy who doesn't do alot of streatching its muscle relaxing properties keep you subtle.

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9/18/2008 2:57:31 PM
how ever it does do great things for your co-ordination , because the THC stimulates the release of dopermine in the central nervous system, which means that signals from your brain are traveling more fluidly enable you to co-orrdinate better, how its funny because it has such an effect that if you just sit and relax and try not to move it will make you start twitching, its really funny.

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9/18/2008 2:46:18 PM
hi all, i am a fitness trainer and at some point or an other i used to smoke.the conclusion i came to is that, when you smoke alot to the point that you are dependent, take a small break and cut down to one before you go to bed,like that the built frustration can be used as a sort of motivation to work out,but seriously it has no real effects of building muscle, its actually kinda harm full if you are doing strength training because thc(tetra,hydra,cannabinol) the chemical inside smoke which makes you high is actually a muscle relaxer.and making your muscles lift heavy loads when they are under the influence of a muscle relaxer is basically asking for an could easily lead to a tear. as for the effects on cutting and muscular undurance training(or slow twich fibres)well i dont see too much harm coming out of that, accept i doubt it would help especially if you dont feel like training.But like the other guy said it all depends on the persons will to work out.anyway thats all from bye for now

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7/7/2008 3:52:54 PM
Listen to me people, it's not how many repetitions you can do that counts when doing your crunches, what you need to do is interact with your muscles, engage them. Just because you can do more repetitions while crunching when you're high doesn't neccessarly mean you're getting a good work out, you may be working out and not doing much at all.

Or do twice the amount of repetitions when you're high and make sure you go untill you can't even lift yourself.

The key to building great abs is to work them constantly.

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7/4/2008 3:42:04 PM
I train in San Shou/MMA, three days a week, and hit weights 3 seperate days a week and work fulltime at a very physically demanding job. I smoke 3.5 grams every other day, I'd say it doesn't effect muscle growth much if any, people tell me im "ripped" and can't believe me smoking habits. If you smoke pot, you have to eat more to satisfy your metablolism, can't get high before any workout or untill 1.5 hours after. Without weed I would not be able to handle the mental/physical frustration and stress. You have to learn to become motivated when ur high too, just to keep urself motivated at all times...Weeds nowhere near as bad as alcohol I've found.

5/24/2007 6:38:22 PM
I felt that the muscle relaxing effect of the weed enabled me to do excercises like crunches longer without geting the cramping pain in my stomach. I could basically do more repititions with weed than without, which ultimately could be a better workout,no?

11/26/2006 10:23:47 PM
heh, from what i understand... if your metabolism speeds up because of it, what you eat for your munchies wouldn't really cause you to gain much weight unless you chronically ate a ridiculously large amount. you'd actually be better off not smoking to keep metabolism slower to keep the weight adding up.

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5/18/2005 10:40:49 PM
trust me it has no effect on muscle building.....accept killing your motivation and just wanting to get high.

3/15/2005 8:34:38 AM
You guys are all burnout losers. Why would you smoked weed to gain weight? If you want to gain weight go to McNasty or just start drinking a bunch of pop.

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10/19/2004 8:41:53 AM
Hey, I'd never heard that before, but it kind of scared me a little bit, because I usually smoke about a joint a day. I checked it out on the web and found this, but then again, pot heads will always find a way to say that pot is good for you, or at least not bad, so its hard to say.


A new study by Dr. Robert Block at the University of Iowa disputes the commonly held notion that marijuana alters the level of testosterone and other sex hormones.
The study contradicted a widely publicized 1974 study by Dr. R.C. Kolodony, which reported decreased testosterone levels in men who smoked marijuana chronically.
The U. of Iowa study found that chronic marijuana use had no effect on testosterone, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin and cortisol in men or women.
Noting that six other studies had failed to show lowered testosterone levels in men, Dr. Block concluded: "It
appears that marijuana, even heavy use of the kind that's typical in the United States, doesn't alter testosterone levels."
However, he cautioned that heavy use might have other adverse effects, including "possible effects on reproductive function and mild, selective cognitive impairments associated with heavy, chronic use."
Block's study is published in Drug and Alcohol
Dependence, Vol. 28: 121-8 (1991).

I'm just gonna keep smokin' for now

10/3/2004 9:39:23 AM
i smoke rougly an 1/8th a day (8 joints) which is pretty heavy in my opinion and i have gained 35 lbs solid muscle in a year. i feel that the only way it effects you is mentally, you become more lazy thus no motivation to work out, but if your strong minded i dont think it changes much.

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9/11/2004 10:31:41 PM
i believe cannabis can decrease existing muscle only if u smoke very regularly (ex: everyday or even every other day). in my experience, it seems to increase ur metabolism off the charts if u smoke regularly and this causes the catabolism of ur muscles. thus no net muscle gain results no matter how hard u train. the best solution is to smoke in moderation (max or once a week) and in small amounts. that way you appreciate the good hit (bec u don't develop tolerance) and you get the bulging muscles you desire

7/6/2003 2:53:15 PM
my understanding is that kanabis lowers creatine levels, you can still smoke and build muscles. I have read a lot of articles on bodybuilding and everyone has an their opinions, but they all seem boil down to this:to build muscle you need to over load the muscle(compound exercises are great), good nutrition, proper amount of sleep, pleanty of water, and recovery time.
ask yourself why you are smoking, is it necessary for you? Is it going to help or hinder your goals?

6/15/2003 11:47:42 AM
I read a bunch of places that pot lowers your testosterone level enough to effect muscle gain. Does this seem right since testosterone is such a big part of gaining muscle? If so then would it be wise to take a testosterone suppliment to combat those effects?

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4/2/2003 2:56:24 AM
If you want to take some kind of drug to put on weight,forget about using cannabis,use testosterone pills or take liquid formed steroids.

Personal Trainer
3/4/2003 12:36:17 AM
You may want to consider the "muchies" effect that cannibis has. This may add extra unwanted calories.

Myfit Expert
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2/23/2003 12:51:51 PM
The use of cannabis and its effects on muscle building has had very minimal research. The majority of research done has been in relation to marijuana use and its effect on cardiovascular demand. This research shows that marijuana use fluctuates the body's blood pressure. When comparing subjects who have used marijuana and those who haven't, research indicates that there is not much difference between the two. The noticeable difference between the two is how long the subjects were able to perform an exercise, indicating that marijuana users tended to not endure as long as non-marijuana users.

Since the research on building muscle is minimal, more information is needed before we can get a clear picture. However, there have been no signs that cannabis has a negative effect on muscle building.

I would not recommend using cannabis before, during, or after a hard workout since it does affect judgement and blood flow.

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