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I'm trying to decide between Can-Fit Pro & CPTN to get my personal training. Both of them offer courses that the other one does not, (e.g. Nutrition & Wellness, Post Rehab Conditioning, etc). So I'll probably end up at both for one thing or another.

I asked a friend at the YMCA about the PT courses and they said not to waste my time with Can-fit Pro, but then a pretty swanky club here in the area said they have all Can-fit Pro trainers. I've emailed a couple other clubs, but I thought I'd ask here to see what people think.

Can-fit pro seems to be much bigger with the number of CEC conferences it offers and by the number of its members, but is it better? I noticed CPTN is ranked above Can-fit Pro in this web sites "How to become a Personal Trainer".

Can someone offer any advice?


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4/7/2010 1:18:23 PM
I'm going to come across with a very biased
opinion, because I'm a Course Conductor for CPTN.

CPTN goes much further in-depth with regards to
the certification course.

Can-Fit tends to be more of a "crash-course".

As far as the conferences go, make sure you check
them both out as many of the speakers cross-over
between both.

If you want a quick cert, do Can-Fit.
If you want to learn how to be a great trainer, do

You can also find my listing through the CPTN web

Brock Picken

Personal Trainer
12/28/2009 1:56:50 PM
Well, I would definitely get your CPTN. From my experience and from who I have talked to in the industry, CanFit is kinda a running joke. If you want to get your CanFit you can, their cut offs and tests aren't that difficult. CPTN has a better reputation within the PT world.

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