Workout Talk | Building highly advanced workout routines need help

I've researched and found many different variations on what people think are "Advanced Routines" but found them all to be a little to easy. I want a routine that is effective and extremely efficient.

So far I have my isolation exercises in groups of 4-6 groups for each area.

Circuit #1
Shoulders *Use a 25, 35, or 45Ib Olympic Plate
Front Raises (12)
Shoulder Press (12)
Upright Rows (12)
Shrugs (30)

Chest Circuit
Bench Press (12)
Push Ups (30)
Pec Flys (12)
Push Ups (30)

Tricep Circuit
Close Grip Bench Press (15)
Close Grip Push Ups (30)
Dips (30)
Tricep Press With Plate (12)

Bicep Circuit
Concentration Curls (12)
Push Ups (30)
Resistance Band Curls (15)
Chin Ups/Pull Ups (Until Fail)

Leg Circuit
Lunges (15 Each Leg)
Leg Extension (Until Fail)
Leg Curl (Until Fail)
Calf Raises

Leg Raises With Exercise Ball (Until Fail)
Exercise Ball Crunches (Until Fail)
Planks (Until Fail)
Bicycle Kicks (Until Fail)

Cardio Circuit
Heavy Bag Punches (4x2 Minute Round)
Focus Punching (3x2 Minute Round)
Ground 'N' Pound (3x2 Minute Round)
Heavy Bag Slams (Until Fail)

Final Round:
Focus Punching (5 Minute Round)
Heavy Bag Slams With G&P (Until Fail

Any suggestions on what exercises I can add to make my workouts more difficult? I work at a fitness store so I have access to everything that a gym has plus more.



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Personal Trainer
9/22/2009 10:47:51 AM
Hey Scott,

Thanks for your input. All of these routines are 'easy' for you? That's great. I'm assuming you're looking to get ripped at the same time as increasing your muscle mass. Not many people have the ability to have all that equipment to use.

You didn't mention if you are incorporating negatives, pyramids, giant sets, drop sets etc into your program. I think you will see the most benefit from going through weekly 'periodization' goals.


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