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What are the 'safe' supplements that I should use? I want to get big, but dont want to get hurt doing it.


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4/29/2004 6:43:56 PM
understand everyones body is different depending on your frame and size you body takes in or rejects different amounts or types of supplements stick to creatine and glutamine then after a few months go on colostrum there is nothing better im telling you well except steroids which i would like to try one day.
oh and those stats earlier why not check mine little man.

18 training 3 months
arms:19and half inch
rest of my body is huge but i havent measured it in a few months ill tell u later oh sorry for bragging lol

Big Nate
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3/6/2004 10:13:09 PM
Well guest, here's my thoughts on supplements: you don't need them!
Here's a few of my numbers:
Age: 19
BMI: 10.5
Weight: 222
Deadlift: 600
Bench Press: 390

I in NO WAY mean to show off or brag, I just want to prove that you CAN get big and strong on PLAIN OLD FOOD.

I've seen it first hand-people buy supplements and rely on the supplements to make them strong. Big mistake!

There is no supplement for training smart and working hard!!!!

3/6/2004 7:23:52 AM
There is alot of crapout there that is more harmful than good. You will need to eat big in order to get big. Start with good basics-I have found GNC whey protein to be one of the better on the market. Glucosamine is a good daily for joint care. You also can get a load of protein from your daiy diet,-egg whites,chicken, etc. You can get big naturally without using all the "MIRACLE SUPPLEMENTS" you see advertised in most fitness magazines.

Personal Trainer
7/17/2002 5:34:17 PM
Dear Guest,

Im glad that you have decided to ask before jumping in to it. There are a few like: Creatine, Glutamine, CLA, HMB and Whey Protein. These are all found naturally in your body. Please visit our supplements section on the left for more information on those products.

Just make sure that you buy a reputable product like EAS and Prolab. There is a lot of CRAP out there. You should expect to see a 2-7 pound weight gain after the first week on creatine. This is because of the water retention in the muscle. If you see no weight gain their may already be adequate creatine levels in your body, or the product does not contain creatine in it.

Good luck training!

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